One Word Paragraph

For my one word paragraph I picked positive because i feel like last year was really gloomy for many reasons. I also just want this year to be a little less, annoying. Positive means to be happy even when times are tough. And i would like to be more positive this year. But i don’t know how well that will actually turn out because this year is already off to a bad start. I am just hoping that there isn’t a new virus. I am also hoping that polar bears and sloths don’t go extinct this year. I really hope this year won’t be as bad as the last.

The Novels

If I became a character in any novel I would probably pick anything Marvel. Like wouldn’t it be cool if you got bit by a venomous spider and then suddenly become a superhero. But it would also just be so cool to be in a world with superheroes. I also think it would be cool to just find out that your friend is a superhero. Just imagine going to see your friend and then you see spider-man walk into their house.

But just imagine you are walking down the street and a man in a spider costume is swinging from a web building to building. I mean it would be kinda weird because well, it just seems like an awkward situation. Or then there is a man in a red costume flying after him. Then there is a giant tornado that happens to be a super-villain or something like that. Like a big purple barne- never mind.It seems fun until you get picked up by the tornado and thrown into Paris. Imagine landing right by the Eiffel tower or in a pond.Or you get snapped out of existence.

Or there are also DC comics. Where you can run into a man that has heat vision,can fly, jumps very high, strength, X-ray vision, you get the point.And it is all fun and games until you are flying in the air because he snatched you. Or you also run into a man that is running over 300 mph. Definitely speeding.It would all seem so crazy right.

Or maybe I could do what my friend says and go into Dora’s world. And yes, there are Dora books. I shall guest star as a tree or be a friend of boots because somehow we have definitely met before. But I also could be Dora; but I could see if a fox is behind me. Either way it would still seem cool to be in any book or novel. I would personally pick a fiction novel because then all of the things that could never happen become real.

For instance a giant spider could chase me. Uhh nevermind not that example. Maybe a princess; ehh but that seems to cliche. Horror movies could come true if you use your imagination. Either way, like I said before it would be cool to be in any fiction book.But maybe not Dora.

Why It’s Important

 For today’s blog I am going to write about how I would respond to one of my friends or someone that says “School is not important.”I would explain to them how not everyone has access to schools or an education in every country. Some people could be too poor or they could just not have a school in their town.

 In some countries it may be forbidden for women to get an education because it may go against their religion. Or the women are supposed to just stay home and cook and clean all day.Or maybe sometimes the women are supposed to work and the men are supposed to stay home.To people that have no access to an education a school is a very big deal for them because they could finally learn new things.But if you take your education for granted you won’t be able to graduate.

 Then you won’t be able to go to college or get a job. Then you would have no money.  But if people still think an education is useless then let them talk to someone who has no access to an education. I bet you they would talk about how much they want to get an education. And how they would not want their choice to an education based on their gender. Or even if they did go to school; they may talk about how they were judged for knowing how to write, read, or count. 

Also in Pakistan there are groups of people that go around hurting women that go to school. And also people who run all female schools.I could understand why some people may not want to go to school because they don’t want to go to school at 7:00 everyday. Or because they may think that everything they learn at school is useless because it is boring. But what they don’t take into consideration is that some kids would die for the chance to get an education. But school is a privilege to us and we should not take it for granted.  

That is probably what I would say to someone that says “School is not important.” But like not the whole thing because that may take a while. Also I may have a couple spelling errors buuuuut I tried.

Well, why

Today I am going to write about what surprises me most in 6th grade because I am a child that is in middle school now. So I am kinda surprised at what the cafeteria serves, even though I eat salads everyday. I honestly have no idea why I eat salads everyday but I do enjoy seeing the food options there are besides the salads. There are more options than the elementary school has which is nice. 

I have no idea what I just wrote because I was half asleep but another middle school thing that I am surprised about is the work that we have to do. Like homework and schoolwork. I am surprised that we have more homework than we do schoolwork. But that may also be because I don’t pay attention and forget what to do. Uhhh I did not write that and you did not read that.

Also I am also surprised about how much I like writing this year. Believe it or not I am enjoying this right now. Which is very weird because I don’t like work. Literally any work. But I may also just be liking this because over the quarantine I have been writing stories which I enjoy.

 I again have no idea how to end this, so goodbye and have a nice day. (I am never going to know how to end this.)